SOMEONE LIVES WHEN SOMEONE GIVES! A call for regular voluntary blood donors! By:  Dr. Paul Mensah January 26th, 2013. Staff of the Accra Area Blood Centre pitched a colourful stand at the Accra Mall with the aim of creating public … Continue reading

MTN organises blood donation


MTN, Ghana’s most reliable voice and data network has variety of services tailored to suit your specific needs, lifestyle and economic situations. These services are specially designed to enhance your mobile experience and add value to your subscription.‚  More >>> … Continue reading

Reducing Errors Through Automated Testing

Accurate pre-transfusion ABO and RH blood group identification and antibody screens are essential for transfusion safety. Human errors during this testing may lead to adverse clinical events. Despite the recent development of automated platforms to limit human errors, adoption of … Continue reading

Study Identifies Most Effective Ways to Increase Blood Donations

According to the American Red Cross, only 3% of the US population donates blood.  A systematic review of 29 studies, published in the journal Transfusion Medicine Reviews, found that interventions to promote blood donation which focus on psychosocial cognitions, altruism or … Continue reading

Aspirin Increases Bleeding Risk


In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), researchers found that regular use of low-dose aspirin to prevent cardiovascular events among high-risk patients may result in an increased risk of major bleeding. This study examined administrative records … Continue reading

FDA Report Shows Decreasing Trend of Transfusion-Related Fatalities


An annual report of transfusion fatalities for fiscal year(FY) 2011, released by the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, indicates that the blood supply is safer today than at any previous time in history, and that transfusion-related deaths appear … Continue reading

Evidence suggests that giving blood has health benefits

Heres why. Each time you give blood, you remove some of the iron it contains. High blood iron levels, Sullivan believes, can increase the risk of heart disease. Iron has been shown to speed the oxidation of cholesterol, a process … Continue reading

The Incredible Health Benefits of Donating Blood

It only takes about an hour out of your busy schedule and it may save a life. Donating blood may not only benefit the person who received the blood cells but may also improve the health of the donor. What … Continue reading