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Accra- 3rd July, 2017 / – Despite Group of Companies, operators of Peace FM, UTV, Okay FM and Neat FM, on July 1, 2017 organized a mass blood donation drive in Accra to augment stock level at the National Blood Service, Ghana.

The 2nd edition of the annual event, held at the Police Training School in Accra recorded over seven thousand (7,000) participants out of which one thousand, six hundred and eighty nine people (1,689) successfully donated blood.

Management of the National Blood Service, Ghana describes the event as very successful and an improvement over last year’s exercise, which recorded seven hundred and seventy two (772) units of blood.

Organizers of the event attributed the improvement of this year’s exercise to team work, effective planning and dedication.

Whilst the team from the National Blood Service, Ghana was thanking God for helping them collect so much, management of Despite Group of Companies felt, a lot more could have been collected in addition, considering the number of people who were unWhatsApp Image 2017-07-14 at 14.10.52able to donate. They suggested in future, plans will be put in place to ensure much improvement over this year’s collection.

Management of Despite Group is also considering organizing the event, twice in the year to save situations at the various hospital blood banks nationwide.

Chief Executive Officer of National Blood Service, Ghana, Dr. Justina Ansah, on behalf of the National Blood Committee, Management and Staff of the National Blood Service, Ghana expressed a special gratitude to Despite Group of Companies for the initiative and encouraged other institutions, particularly the media to get involved in the blood donation exercises.

The Despite Group of companies’ mass blood WhatsApp Image 2017-07-14 at 14.10.51drive initiative is held annually on 1st July, Ghana’s Republic Day, as part of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

The 2017 Despite Group of Companies mass blood donation drive was sponsored, Hisense, Kinapharma Ltd, Holy Mosquito Spray and Coil, Dannex Ghana Ltd, Kasapreko Ltd, Unilever Ghana Ltd, La Palmas Food Center, Twellium Industries, Gihoc Ltd, End Point Homeopathic, Mat Bans Ltd, PZ Cussons, Zoomlion Ghana and Baseline Pharmacy among others.