Reducing Errors Through Automated Testing

Accurate pre-transfusion ABO and RH blood group identification and antibody screens are essential for transfusion safety. Human errors during this testing may lead to adverse clinical events.

Despite the recent development of automated platforms to limit human errors, adoption of this technology has been slow. Many transfusion laboratories still use manual testing methods.

Recently, researchers demonstrated that automated pre-transfusion blood grouping and antibody screening methods are associated with substantially fewer errors than manual testing methods.

Using failure modes and effects analysis, a risk assessment tool often used in operations research, the group quantitatively assessed the error potentials for alternative manual and automated pre-transfusion testing methods.

The research team collaborated with managers and technical personnel from different transfusion service laboratories which were using the evaluated testing procedures.

The manual blood grouping and screening procedures that were assessed featured combinations of three assays: manual large-well titration plates (also known as tiles), traditional test tubes, and manual column agglutination technology.

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