The National Blood Service, Ghana


The National Blood Service, Ghana is an agency under the Ghana Ministry of Health. The mandate of the National Blood Service, Ghana is to ensure an effective and coordinated national approach to the provision of safe, adequate and efficacious, blood and blood products, making it timely, accessible and affordable to all patients requiring blood transfusion therapy in both public and private health care institutions in the country.

  • Our Vision
    “To be an efficient, effective and innovative provider of safe blood and related services that meet National requirements and International standards”


  • Our Mission
    “To save the lives of patients by providing safe and adequate blood products and other related blood services through professionalism of our staff and generosity of our voluntary non-remunerated blood donors”


  • Our Core Values
    •Excellence in Customer Care
    •Team Work


Policies and Guidelines

To view PDF documents you will need to download Adobe Reader from the Adobe website.

Clinical Blood Transfusion Policy.pdf (size 300 KB)

Emergency Blood Supply and Disaster Management Policy.pdf (size 109 KB)

National Guidelines for the Clinical Use of Blood and Blood Products.pdf (size 894 KB)

Blood Donor Selection Clinical Form and Questionnaire.pdf (size 1.32 MB)

Service Charter of the National Blood Service, Ghana.pdf (680 KB)

Transfusion Forms

Consent/Refusal Form for Transfusion of Blood/Blood Product.pdf (size 369 KB)

Blood Transfusion Monitoring Form.pdf (size 157 KB)

Transfusion Record Form.pdf (size 195 KB)

Transfusion Reaction Reporting Form.pdf (size 454 KB)

To know more about the National Blood Service, Ghana, click to download our service charter