Blood Donation Drives in Kumasi

Two blood donation drives were organized by the Transfusion Medicine Unit of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital on Friday, the 18th of January, 2013. The drives took place at AL-HUDA MOSQUE MOSHIE ZONGO and CENTRAL MOSQUE MOSHIE ZONGO, both in Kumasi. … Continue reading

Reducing Errors Through Automated Testing

Accurate pre-transfusion ABO and RH blood group identification and antibody screens are essential for transfusion safety. Human errors during this testing may lead to adverse clinical events. Despite the recent development of automated platforms to limit human errors, adoption of … Continue reading

Study Identifies Most Effective Ways to Increase Blood Donations

According to the American Red Cross, only 3% of the US population donates blood.  A systematic review of 29 studies, published in the journal Transfusion Medicine Reviews, found that interventions to promote blood donation which focus on psychosocial cognitions, altruism or … Continue reading