World Blood Donor Day Celebrations

On 14 June 2012, World Blood Donor Day will be marked with events around the world to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank all voluntary unpaid donors for their life-saving gift of blood.
The theme of the 2012 World Blood Donor Day campaign, “Every blood donor is a hero” focuses on the idea that every one of us can become a hero by giving blood. While recognizing the silent and unsung heroes who save lives every day through their blood donations, the theme also strongly encourages more people all over the world to donate blood voluntarily and regularly.

The objectives of this year’s campaign are to:
1. thank and reinforce the self-esteem of those who give blood so they continue to do so regularly;
2. inspire those who do not give blood but are in good health to start donating blood;
3. encourage blood service staff to recognize blood donors for their “heroic” act each and every time they donate blood; and
4. persuade ministries of health to show their appreciation of blood donors and provide adequate resources to move towards 100% voluntary unpaid blood donation.

This year, in Ghana, the event will be celebrated at the forecourt of the National Blood Service Headquarters inside the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital compound at  2:00pm.



“Every blood donor is a hero”          View the video: Every blood donor is a hero